Manage Saved Filters is a button that will bring users to all their saved filters where users are able to view, apply, edit and remove their saved filters.

You can access the “Manage Saved Filters” button by clicking on the bookmark icon at the top of the main filter. 

Once you click into the button, you can view all your past saved filters. You can decide which filter to “apply”, “edit”, “set as default”, “show/hide in dashboard” or “delete”. 

Apply – When you click on apply, your saved filters will show up on your main filter panel and all your analysis will be updated to reflect these filters.

Edit – Once you click on edit, you will be taken to the main filter pop up to allow you to make edits to your saved filters. Once you are done editing, simply click on “Update Filters” and “Save Changes”. Your existing saved filter will be updated accordingly.


Set as Default – You can click on set as default to set this filter as the default filter.

Show/Hide in Dashboard – By default, all saved filters will show up as weekly/monthly insights on your dashboard. You can choose to continue showing this or you can also hide this filter by clicking on “Hide in dashboard” button in “Manage Saved Filter” or you can also do so by clicking on the button in the visual.

Delete – You can click on delete to remove your saved filter from the list. You can always save the filter again.

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