Sell-Out at Discount refers to the sell-out percentage of products being sold at a discounted price.

Sell-Out at Discount is calculated as below :-

Sell-Out at Discount = Total SKUs sold out at discount/Total SKUs sold out

Looking at the contribution of Sell-Out at Discount helps you to understand if a brand or retailer’s performance is driven by full price or discount. For instance, if you are looking to expand your business to a multi-label retailer, the first step is to analyse if the multi-label retailer is discount-driven. If it is, it may not be suitable for brands that are full-price driven.

Similarly, you may dive deeper to understand within a category, which subcategory sell-out is discount-driven by understanding its contribution of Sell-Out at Discount. 

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Common questions related to Sell-Out at Discount:

For SKU that registered sell-out at discount, does it mean that the SKU was never sold at full price?