The Top Retailers card shows the breakdown of the top 5 retailers identified based on the SKU count of the chosen market and brands.

This card is available under:-

a) Competitors Benchmarking module: Overview tab

b) Trend Performance module: Trend Scorecard

Top Retailers card is used to identify a brand distribution channel and strategy. By analysing the SKU count contribution of a brand across the different retailers, you would be able to know which retailer is the brand’s main distribution channel. 

This card is also used to identify a new multi-label retailer if your goal is to expand into a new market for a specific category. For instance, you may select “Lingerie” as a category and then identify which multi-label retailer stocks on lingeries. Select “Out-of-Stock” under stock status to identify which retailer that sells well for lingeries. 

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Common questions related to Top Retailers:

Does Top Retailers mean top sales-generating retailer for the brand?