Colour is one of the key elements in product design and development. Paring data insights from the Trend Performance module helps you to identify the bestselling colours to incorporate in the product development process. In this article, discover popular colour trends for various product categories.

Step 1: Set the filters

Select your preferred market to begin the analysis, filtering by brand or retailer for this module is optional if you only wish to see the trends by market. You could narrow your analysis by setting the Gender filter if applicable.

Next, select Group by: Colour to only view the trend performance of colours

Step 2: Analyse bestselling colour for the market

Before analysing into a specific shade, it is recommended to understand the overall colour trends of that market. 

The performance of each colour is tracked by a trend score, which is also reflected in the line chart. A green line chart indicates positive movement, while a red chart indicates negative movement. To understand further on trend scores, please click here.

In the example below, Yellow registered the highest uplift in trend score at +3.8 for the UK market. This suggests a potential colour to venture into for your upcoming collection. 

Click into the specific colour card for a deeper analysis of each trend. The green line graph shows the trend movement of yellow against other colours during the period of analysis. The top five categories, patterns and materials tagged under yellow are displayed in the chart below.

Step 3: Identify the bestselling product category by colour and shade

To view the bestselling product categories for each colour trend, select the colour in the main filter, i.e Yellow and select ‘Group by: Category’ on the top bar filter to view the trend scores of yellow products.

Using the same methods in step 2, analyse the categories with positive trend movement. In this example, it shows the majority of yellow products can be found in non-apparel categories such as jewellery and bags.

Although all apparel categories are downtrending, we can view that yellow Tops (-8.1) registered a better trend score compared to Dresses (-11.4). This signals that the best clothing opportunities lie in Tops.

Key Takeaways

Identifying the opportunities in colour trends by product category helps brands and retailers to focus the product development process according to consumer demand. By applying the right colour trends to each product, you can increase sales conversion leading to higher sell-through.

Hope you found this article helpful! If you have any questions or would like to explore the Omnilytics dashboard further, feel free to reach out to your respective Client Success Manager.

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