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Gender analysis provides a breakdown of gender composition for selected retailers/brands. The analysis comprise of 2 different cards:-

Assortment by Retailer

Assortment by retailer card includes a pie chart to illustrate the combined breakdown of gender type for the retailers/brand selected. The card further illustrates a comparison of the top 5 categories for each retailer.

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The analysis can be narrowed by gender through selecting the Gender filter from the main filter bar. From here, it provides a high level view of categories contributed by womenswear. The analysis can be deep dived into subcategories by selecting the category of your choice in the main filter.

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This analysis card is useful if the retailer/brand wants to only focus on analysing the top category contribution for a specific gender type. 

There is also a “show more” filter at the bottom of the card to expand the category breakdown.

Assortment by Gender

Assortment by Gender on the other hand focuses on comparing the category mix for different gender type. Similar to assortment by retailer, the analysis can also be further expanded to show subcategories by selecting the categories of your choice in the main filter. 

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This analysis is useful to provide a guide on top categories that can be focused on when expanding to a new gender type.

Cross analyse against top filters such as the stock status filter “New In” over a selected date range to identify key categories/sub-categories launched within the selected date to spot seasonal changes in category mix.

Key Takeaways

  1. What was the gender breakdown by retailers?
  2. What are the categories to focus on when expanding my assortment to women/mens/kidswear?
  3. How have category mix for a gender type changed over time?

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