In marketing, product descriptions are used to explain a product’s value proposition. It provides details on the product’s features and information about benefits, story and ingredients, using attractive language and supporting visuals.

Using the Omnilytics dashboard, marketers can review product descriptions from aspirational brands or competitors to develop and improve their own product descriptions.

In addition, the research has to be supplemented with actions such as:

  1. Identifying the relevant points to refine product description write-ups
  2. Own brand’s product description template
  3. Brand guidelines
  4. Conducting periodical review on existing product description templates against aspirational brands’ to improve market relevance.

You can easily identify the white spots from both internal and external data using the steps above.

Having complementary data insights from both internal and external resources allows a brand to:

  • Save time in collating ideas on visuals and designs
  • Increase brand relevance
  • Stay abreast with the latest market trends
  • Improve brand-customer reach and engagement
  • Increase call-to-action (CTA) rate
  • Increase sales conversion
  • Forge a longterm relationship with your target customer

 As a brand, updating product descriptions is a best-practice in marketing to improve consumer engagement. A well-written product description, especially online, can be a determining factor in the customer journey, where physical touch-points are limited.

We hope you found this article helpful! If you have any questions or would like to explore the Omnilytics dashboard further, feel free to reach out to your respective Client Success Manager.

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