Influencer marketing is a highly adopted strategy by fashion brands in this current social media era. The possibility of a top worn by an influencer being purchased by her/ his followers would be high. However, every influencer would have a different brand identity and pool of followers differ. Therefore, it is important for brands to engage an influencer that would be a good representation of the brand.

Many brands are now adopting this strategy to improve sell-out rate, especially for the launches of new collections by sending a few pieces to influencers to post as a teaser prior the launch of a new collection to create hype. Asides from new products, this strategy can also be applied for aged products. 

Below are a few steps when engaging an influencer to market a product.

  1. Identify products to promote.
  2. Review list of influencers to engage.
  3. Discuss with influencers on the post such as time, date, preferred social media. 

Asides from identifying aged products from Omnilytics dashboard, brands should also cross-check on the performance of the SKU with internal data such as the sell-out performance. Once the post is up, brands should monitor sell-out performance after the posting to check if the post was effective. 


Influencer marketing is becoming a more preferred marketing option for brands as it could be a more cost-effective option. However, brands should not simply jump to this option without a thorough review of the influencer and not monitoring the ROI closely after engaging the influencer.

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