Discount Spread refers to the discount range from the 1st to 3rd quartile and can be an indicator of the “sweet spot” in a brand/retailer’s discounting strategy. If there were 100 products currently sorted by the lowest to the highest price, the discounts for the 1st quartile refer to the of the 25th item in the listing whilst the 3rd quartile is the of the 75th item in the listing.

Discount Spread is available in the Competitor Benchmarking module, under the Retailer Analysis: Discount Distribution card. 

The Discount Spread acts as an indicator of what is the most concentrated discounting range a brand/retailer is focusing on a specific discounting timeline for a different category. 

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Common questions related to Discount Spread:

Why is the Discount Spread not calculated from the lowest discounting band to the highest band?