Median refers to the of the product at the midpoint of your data set.

For example, if there are 100 products currently sorted by the lowest to the highest price, the median refers to the of the 50th item listed.

This information is being used to establish the difference of one category compared to other , such as when launching a new category to venture into. 

For example, If your usual products are dresses and you now want to stock tops, analyse the difference in median untuk menentukan bagaimana market memberikan nilai dari kategori tersebut. Sebagai contoh, biasanya baju atasan dijual dengan harga lebih murah (antara 20-35% lebih murah) daripada gaun, maka hal ini perlu dipertimbangkan ketika menentukan harga dari kategori baru.

Below are common use cases using “Median Price”:

How do I review competitor’s pricing strategy across different categories

How do I review competitor’s pricing strategy?