The Discount Breakdown with Sell-out refers to a chart displaying the performance of discounting brackets against sell-out rates. In this chart, the discount intervals can be adjusted to suit your analysis needs and are layered with additional information such as total sell-out and sell-out rates for each discounting bracket. Click ‘Show Chart Data’ for a tabulated version of data.

This chart is located within the Competitor Benchmarking module, Retailer Analysis: Discount Distribution Analysis tab.

This chart enables you to understand /retailers discount strategy and its corresponding performance t. As shown in the example below, majority of Zara’s SKUs are diskon within the 30% – 49% discount range with a similar sell-out rate while the sell-out rate is the lowest in the 20-29% discount range. This may indicate that Zara’s shoppers are more likely to make a purchase when SKUs are diskon above 30%.


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