Sell-Out at Full Price/ harga penuh refers to the contribution of sell-out SKUs at harga penuh to the total sell-out performance for a brand or retailer. 

The Sell-Out at harga penuh is calculated as below :-

Sell-Out at Full Price/ harga penuh = No. of SKUs sold out at harga penuh / Total No. of SKUs Sold Out 

This metric is used to understand whether a retailer or brand’s trade is driven by harga penuh or discounts. For instance, if you would like to expand your brand to a multi-label marketplace that is harga penuh-driven, this feature would help you to identify that. 

As shown below, both Net-a-Porter and The Outnet have registered at par total sell-out. However, the total sell-out at harga penuh for The-Outnet is just 8.93% which indicates The Outnet’s business is highly driven on discount and maybe a stock clearance channel.

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Common questions related to Sell-Out at Full Price:

Would an SKU be tagged twice as sell-out at full price if it was sold out twice on the website?