Sell-Out Contribution refers to the contribution of sell-out by category or sub-category over the total products that have registered a sell-out.

Sell-Out Contribution is calculated as below:-

Sell-Out Contribution = No. of SKUs in category or subcategory that sold out/Total products that sold out

When is this applied?

The Sell-Out Contribution metric available under Category Contribution is used to identify the top or subcategories driving a brand or retailer’s performance.

As shown in the example below, we gather that 16% out of the 49,600 SKUs on Net-a-Porter are dresses. On top of that, out of the total SKUs that registered sell-out on Net-a-Porter, 14% came from dresses followed by shoes with a 12% contribution. This tells us that dresses and shoes are the top driving Net-a-Porter’s trade.

Read How do I analyse category contribution? to guide you on how to analyse the category Sell-Out Contribution for a brand or retailer. 

Common questions related to Sell-Out Contribution:

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