The Top Brand card shows the breakdown of the top 5 identified based on the count of the chosen market and retailers.

The top 5 are arranged according to the count in descending order and results would change according to your . This card is available under

a) Competitors Benchmarking module: Overview tab

b) Trend Performance module: Trend Scorecard


This feature can be used to identify potential competitors on a multi-label retailer you wish to expand to. For example, the top 5 for women tops by count on Revolve are Free People, Lovers + Friends, Superdown, and Mojorelle. Free People and Lovers + Friends respectively contributed 6% to the total women tops assortment on Revolve.

Read Bagaimana Cara Saya Menganalisis Trend Kategori dan Subkategori? article which illustrates how to identify leading for a trend.

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