Building a successful product range requires a deep understanding of consumer demand. In today’s competitive landscape, knowing what consumers want, how they want it and at what , is crucial to generate sales.

The Overview tab in Competitor Benchmarking allows you to review the available products in the market before drilling down to retailers atau . In this article, discover how to analyse what is currently in demand in a specific market.

Step 1: Establish the goal of the analysis

Competitor Benchmarking consists of multiple analysis tabs and cards. Before starting your analysis, determine the data insights you would like to identify first.

i) Set Periode Tanggal

ii) Select several key retailers atau that represent your preferred market.

iii) Select ‘Out of Stock’ on the Stock Status filter to highlight sold out SKUs. 

Step 2: Analyse product movement

i) Analyse the number of total products against the number of full-priced products and diskon to understand pricing mechanics. 

ii) Identify the top retailers dan in your market, sorted by product count. 

iii) Discover the harga tengah and average discount of all products on the market.

iv) Study the number of new-ins and contributions by category to view newly launched products.

Poin-poin Penting

Depending on the goal of the analysis, this practice can be done on a monthly or quarterly basis. However, given the fluidity of the current market, retailers dan can benefit from regular review to stay on top of market demands and act accordingly.

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