Modul Competitor Benchmarking module allows you to determine a brand or retailer’s volume drivers and how are they performing in the market. Reviewing the volume drivers of competitor helps spot a potential category or subcategories that can be expanded by your brand. Here’s how you can use the dashboard to easily identify your competitor’s volume driver. 

Step 1: Determine the Top 3 categories for your competitor

First, select the competitor you have in mind and go to the Category Composition card under Product Analysis to view the list of carried by your competitor in the market. 

Focus on the Top 3 carried by you competitors to determine the biggest category contributor they are offering. In this example, Tops, Dresses and Outerwear are the top 3 for Zara in last 3 months. 

Step 2: Review volume driver contribution towards total category 

Analyse the top 3 subcategories offered by your competitor to identify the volume drivers. From here, we see that T-Shirts, Blouses and Crop Tops are the 3 main contributors for Tops on Zara. 

Filter dengan "Price Status: Never Discounted” to determine the difference between subcategories positioning with no markdowns as the volume drivers are usually core-essential products that drive full-priced sale for a brand. 

In this example, we identify T-Shirt remained as the first ranking for Tops, however, Crop Tops took over Blouses for products with no markdowns in the last 3 months. 

Step 3: Deep dive on the performance/ type of volume drivers 

Click on the subcategory chart to view the products and “Sort By: Most Replenished” to identify which type of products are the main volume drivers based on performance for your competitor. In this example, Plain Crop Tops is one of the most replenished SKUs for this subcategory. 

Click through on the product to see how it is performing. From here, we can see that this particular Crop Top is performing well with a strong replenishment rate and no discounts were imposed on this product during this period. 

Poin-poin Penting

Identifying your competitor’s volume drivers is a good start to research and spot the category or subcategories opportunities that you can direct your invest into. However, it is crucial for to compare the competitor’s core against your own category to determine whether it is aligned with your brand identity. By doing so, you will also be able to gauge whether you have the capability to leverage into the potential category/subcategories. 

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