Staying on top of trend cycles is necessary to sustain an optimal level of newness in your assortment. In this help article, you will learn how to validate the performance of trending patterns and how to incorporate them into your assortment plan.

Here’s the steps to validate the performance of trending patterns.

Step 1: Select Filters 

i) In the Trend Performance module, select ‘Group by: Pattern’ to view uptrending and downtrending patterns.

ii) Determine period of analysis 

To generate the latest insights, we recommend setting the Periode Tanggal to a duration of three months.

iii) Filter by ‘Produk baru’ and ‘Out of Stock’ to limit the search result to the most recent and in-demand patterns.

Step 2: Analyse Pattern Trends 

Identify uptrending patterns represented by the garis hijau graphs and positive trend scores. 

The example above shows that the floral is the most popular for men’s shirts, as indicated by the trend score of 7.1

Step 3: Validate Pattern Performance

To validate colour trends, toggle to the “Pattern Analysis” tab and select the top retailers. Ensure you deselect ‘Out of Stock’ on the filter before entering the new tab.

To understand the ’s performance against kontribusi sell-out, view the ‘Trend Breakdown by Retailer’ chart and analyse the ‘All Retailer’ row. Here, it shows floral achieved a 13.33% sell-out with the line graph exceeding product count, indicating strong demand. 

To view the floral shirts available in the selected market, click on the floral bar chart and select the ‘Most Replenished’ filter to surface the most popular products.

Based on the findings, we can conclude the most popular floral shirts designs are those in basic Warna such as blue, grey, black, and white.

Poin-poin Penting

Increase profitability by validating trends with a data-backed analysis to minimise risks and make assortment planning decisions confidently. 

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