We provide dashboard refresher sesssions for all clients on a weekly basis. This training will be conducted in English.

The training objective is to help clients optimise and get the most value out of the Omnilytics dashboard, with tutorials on gathering market insights for informed decision-making. The training sessions are interactive and participants will be allowed to try out the use cases live.

Here’s what you will learn from the dashboard refresher:

  • Guided application of two dashboard use cases (we will select use cases based on response to training poll)
  • Key takeaways and next actions steps you can take from the findings
  • Updates on new product features and improvements

Below are the training schedules for the respective modules. As we have limited slots for each training session, we recommend making reservations early.

Click your respective modules to book now!

Simply click on any of the blue buttons above to reserve a seat for the Omnilytics Dashboard Training.

Should you have further questions or if you are interested to know more, you can reach out to customer support via live chat or write to clientsuccess@omnilytics.co

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