n the retail world today, market demand often shifts according to trends. It is crucial for businesses to keep track of the customer’s ever-changing buying behavior to stay competitive. In this article, we will be comparing how Gen-Z and the mass market are reacting towards the market trends to spot opportunities and mitigate risks. 

Trend Performance module allows you to identify the denim ’ trend performance changes over time. 

Step 1: Identify the uprising denim fit in the mass-market

By looking at the mass market denim category performance, it is observed that Tapered & Peg, Flare, and Wide Leg Jeans were significantly up-trending from 1 July 2021 till 12 September 2021 with registered trend scores of +3.1, +1.1, and +2.2 respectively. 

We can further understand the performance of a specific fit by clicking into the category of interest. For instance, deeper analysis into the Tapered & Peg Jeans category reveals a wide gap between the solid garis hijau (Tapered & Peg Jeans) and the  dotted line (All Jeans), which suggests an increasing demand for this category in the US mass market and is further supported by the trend score of +3.1.

Step 2: Identify the denim brands that targeted the Gen-Z market

You could identify the indirect denim competitors who catered to the Gen-Z market by analysing the product visuals using the Trend Performance module. 

In this case, Madewell, Asos, Shein, and Joe’s Jeans are some of the that are identified as ‘Gen-Z denim ’. 

Bookmark these and save these under the main filter bar as ‘Gen-Z denim ’ to ease performance comparison in the following steps. 

Step 3: Compare the up-trending denim fit between mass-market and Gen-Z denim brands

Open the two filter sets in separate tabs:-

(i) Mass market denim brands

(ii) Gen-Z denim brands

Compare the up-trending fit identified in Step 1 to spot demand and opportunities. 

In this case, it is observed that the mass-market responded positively towards Tapered & Peg Jeans in a similar manner as the Gen-Z . This shows opportunities to confidently venture into Tapered & Peg Jeans in your forward planning. You may repeat the same comparison with other fits to support your proposal. 

Poin-poin Penting

By identifying the similar trend movement across different market segments, you can identify the potential fit to focus on your future collection planning. The right product offerings available at the right time could increase sales conversion and help you stay competitive in the market. 

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