Marketing is one of the most crucial components of a ’ success from structuring promotions that converts to launching campaigns that builds brand recognition. 

In this article, we will be walking through how to analyse a brand’s marketing strategies for their new launches. The steps below will not only highlight the strategy being employed but also the effectiveness in converting to the actual movement of products. 

Langkah 1: Ulas landing page dan konten newsletter /retailers launch

Using the Calendar module, we can uncover a brand’s launch frequencies and intensity on a monthly basis across an entire year. In this example, we chose Cotton Ink, a brand from Indonesia. 

Referring to ‘New In vs First Discount by Month’ analysis, we can identify the new in dan first discount launch period as well as their intensity based on the height of the bars.

From here, to further deep dive into the launch strategy, we refer to the ‘New in by Date’ analysis card.

From the ‘New In by Date’ analysis, we can identify the new in launch of the brand by observing the repetitions of coloured grids as well as the intensity of its shades. Here we can see a in Cotton Ink launching new products on Tuesdays. 

Clicking through to the grid on 13th of July 2020, we will be able to view the SKUs that were launched by Cotton Ink on that day itself. There were a total of 7 SKUs that was launched on the 13th of July 2020

Step 2: Review brand/retailers landing pages

Now that we have a picture of when new-in launches are happening, we head over to the Visual Merchandising module and filter for the same brand, Cotton Ink to uncover greater insights into how the newly launched products are being marketed. 

Clicking through to the grid corresponding to the date 13th of July 2020 in ‘Landing Pages’, we can understand how Cotton Ink’s visual merchandising strategy on their homepage supports these new products. However, we see that Cotton Ink did not update their landing page on the same day they launched the new products as indicated by the ‘0’ updates detected.

Nonetheless, when we hover over to the grid corresponding to the 14th of July 2020, we see that Cotton Ink has made 5 updates to their website. When we click through to the grids, we are able to see the website updates that were made to market their newly launched product. You can also click through to the image thumbnails to enlarge them for easy viewing. 

Referring to the 3 images above, we can see that Cotton Ink updated their Home page, New-in page, and Women section page to support this launch. It is also notable that CottonInk chose to lead with lifestyle images on the Home page to capture their customer’s attention.

Poin-poin Penting

With more pursuing unconventional digital communication channels today and pushing the boundaries of existing ones, it is important to keep oneself constantly updated on how others are developing and evolving their new-in launch communication strategies.

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