Having great products alone is no longer sufficient. With fierce competition in the market, how you craft and execute your marketing campaigns is equally important to ensure the success of a product launch. But how do you differentiate and analyse the performance of campaigns launched?

In this use case help article, we break down the key steps of analysing and validating marketing campaign performance to help you better understand what type of campaign resonates with consumers.

Step 1: Review marketing campaigns

Bagian Visual Merchandising module provides snapshots of landing pages dan newsletters. Select the market and retailers that you want to research in the main filter on the left. From there, you can further narrow your analysis by using the keyword search feature.

In this example, we have identified a marketing campaign launched by Nike on 13th April 2020 for a Buy 2 Save 20%, Buy 3 Save 30% discount promotion.

Step 2: Analyse marketing campaign performance

Once you have identified the marketing campaign, you can validate the effectiveness of the campaign using the Competitor Benchmarking module. Compare the sell-out performance for the campaign week against the same Periode Tanggal in the previous year.

From the analysis, we observed that the sell-out rate showed a growth of over 300% compared to the previous year, indicating a successful campaign.

Poin-poin Penting

Marketing campaigns are important to drive sales. Researching and validating marketing campaign performance allows you to save time from trial and error and adopt the best campaign to convert sales.

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