Modul Visual Merchandising module can help you craft compelling marketing newsletters that resonate with your customers. In this article, learn how to analyse and uncover patterns in other ’ marketing newsletters and how it can be applied to your brand. 

A well-planned newsletter fosters a deeper connection between your brand and your target market, serving as a touchpoint that drives positive sales conversion rate.

Step 1: Identify own key campaign launches

First, identify your own key activities and planning Modul Calendar. Brand atau retailers usually plan a year ahead, including their campaigns and launch period to optimise timing and frequency. 

Step 2: Review atau retailers newsletter launch timing and content

Using the Visual Merchandising module, identify the atau retailers most relevant to you to gain insights into how they are positioning themselves in their marketing newsletters. To start off, ask questions such as are they more focused on promotions or products? You can also gain insight into their tone of voice as well as the ratio of images to words. 

You can view all newsletter content without choosing the main filter. To do so, simply ensure you have the date filter selected for the timeframe you would like to analyse. The darker the shade on the grids, the greater the number of newsletters that were blasted on that particular day.

For example, we will choose Nike Singapore to paint a clearer picture. 

We can see that Nike is actively blasting newsletters to their customer base as evident in the blue coloured grids that are prominent almost every week, sometimes more than 3 times a week.

To view the details of the newsletter, simply click on the image to expand the newsletter to full.

From the three newsletters above, we can observe that Nike is focusing their messaging on newly launched products, product features as well as promotions.

Step 3: Craft your own newsletter

With insights into other ’ newsletter strategies, you can then compare and contrast with your own to uncover areas of improvement or areas of strengths to double down. Of course, it is important to bear in mind the uniqueness of your brand identity that resonates with your customers in this entire process. 

Poin-poin Penting

It is important to establish a continuous conversation with your customers by informing them of your brand’s key events and launches. By doing this, you are keeping your brand top of mind for your customers and building brand recognition, which will impact your brand’s sales conversions.

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