Discount Analysis module is used to understand retailers/ discounting strategies within the relevant timeframe. This analysis allows the tracking of discount changes by category and /retailers’ sell out rate % by selecting the ‘Sell Out Rate %’ option within the card. Toggle around the Discount Interval filter in accordance with your display preference. 

Discount Breakdown by Retailer

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Di kartu Discount Breakdown by Retailer , terdapat dua expendable range untuk menganalisis lebih mendalam untuk setiap kategori:

  1. Discount breakdown by subcategory level
  2. Discount breakdown by retailers/ brand untuk kategori yang dipilih  
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Analisis bertingkat dari range yang dapat diperluas ini memfasilitasi perbandingan di antara kategori, , sub kategori dari tingkat retailers/ level. Comparative analysis on average discount % of each category helps to understand discounting strategies of each category better.

Data insights from the Discount Analysis card further validate the discounting gap identified in the Discount Distribution card under Retailer Analysis tab. Average discount % reflected under this analysis to be aligned with the Price Distribution jika timeline dan filter tetap sama.

Discount Analysis is particularly useful when coupled with the Price Analysis module in understanding retailers/ brand dan strategi promosinya.

Poin-poin Penting

  1. Which category discount interval holds a high sell out rate? 
  2. What is the category core discount range? 
  3. Bagaimana perbedaan retailers/ discounting strategy?
  4. What are the discounting strategies adopted by retailers/?

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