Bagian Keyword filter allows you to identify relevant patterns or prints that are trending in the market. Learn how you can quickly spot what are trending in the market using keywords search with these few simple steps.

Step 1: Search for the desired keyword 

Include the keyword that you wish to monitor under the keyword filter. In this example, we have selected the keyword ‘sustainable’. 

Step 2: Identify trend in demand 

Look for a category that has a green solid line below the product image. The garis hijau indicates the category is uptrending while the red line indicates the category is downtrending. 

Next, click on the category with the garis hijau to further analyse the movement of the trend line in the market. For example, Intimates is one of the popular for sustainable products with high demand in the UK market. This is evidenced with consistent green lines shown for this category in the past 6 months (Feb ‘20 – August ‘20). 

The bigger the gap between the trend line and the dotted line, the more popular the category is in the market. The popularity of each category is defined based on the pricing strategy, replenishment, sellout rates and age of products.

Do take into account that the trend line is significantly influenced by the Periode Tanggal selected so do ensure you choose the time frame that you wish to look at before analysing. 

Poin-poin Penting

Identifying the right trend with strong demand is crucial to ensure you are carrying products that resonate with consumers’ demands. Spotting the right trend or using keywords can help minimise the risk of producing downtrending products. 

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