A mood board is a visual presentation of the product collection. They encompass elements such as feel, style, context and ambiance. It is consist of both physical or digital attributes with references to materials, silhouettes, fabric swatches, colour palettes or prints. The main purpose of the moodboard is to help designers focus on a specific aesthetic and stay consistent during the product development stage. It can also help bring clearer concept and vision statement on a collection to other designers within team member, other departments in the company, clients or retailers.

Omnilytics dashboard helps in moodboard creation and validation incorporating their findings with internal data. The validation could be formulated effectively to identify the business opportunity and market demand gap at the right time.

Here are the recommended steps for to conduct a trend forecasting and validate it using the dashboard:- 

  1. Review competitor trend performance by category
  2. Review competitor color performance
  3. Review global inspirational brand color performance
  4. Identify color opportunities

In addition, the research has to be supplemented with internal information such as:-

  1. Review own brand seasonal trend performance
  2. Identify similarities & differences of collection traits among own brand and competitor trend performance
  3. Identify own brand bestselling colour
  4. Develop collection moodboard potentializing up trending trend traits and elements

You can easily identify the white spots from both internal and external data using the steps above.

Having vital data insights from both internal and external platforms allows to:-

  • Save time in promoting a mockup production
  • Save reproduction cost of recreating prototype & samples
  • Smoother client/principal buy-in – incorporate the presentation of both creative and commercialism aspect of business
  • Encourage creative and fun element in the working process, helping our client stay unique – promoting effective brainstorm session by exploring and experimenting with different styles

A unique but market relevant moodboard projects creative inspiration behind every collection. It provides a clear vision for all stakeholder to stay consistent during collection development.

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