For anyone working in the creative industry, the need to develop fresh ideas can be a challenging task. New ideas are required in almost every aspect of running a fashion brand such as developing brand identity, planning a new collection, marketing content and promotional activities. Ideas do not just happen just by sitting down on a chair, ideas need to be stimulated. Just like fashion designers, they form new ideas from things that they observed externally. Therefore, all individuals need a proper stimulator.

With that said, ideas can be stimulated by observations of the external environment as well as as extensive research in the retail industry. Brand need to have a deep curiosity to observe their aspirational , competitors and any news that is trending in the fashion industry.

Omnilytics dashboard can be the starting point of the research such as to:-

  1. Understand the inspirational/global brand current focus.
  2. Extend more understanding about identified trending topics via external research (ie. reputable informative source, Omni articles & trade report etc.)
  3. Incorporate relevant trending topic to own brand story. 

After gathering all the relevant information from the above steps, sit down with your team to further discuss and brainstorm for new ideas. One thing to keep in mind is that the new ideas have to stick to the brand identity and beliefs and avoid plagiarism. 

By applying the mentioned steps and information gathered from the dashboard, it allows brand to :

  • Save time in identifying current hot topics discussed within the industry.
  • Generate stronger leads & traffic to the site – Establish an informative platform other than your website.
  • Improve brand-customer engagement


There is no guarantee for any to survive in the industry as the fashion landscape constantly evolving and intensified by the growth of new . To be competitive in the industry, need to think of fresh ideas on how to communicate with their customers or think of a new theme for their next collection. No matter what, need to be out in the industry to observed and search for new ideas that they can adopt in their business to ensure survival!

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