Landing pages dan newsletters are important components to generate site traffic as well as customer retention. The purpose of a landing page is direct customers to a page of products or content that would be relevant to them. While newsletter acts as a communication tool to update and retain customers. An effective newsletter is one that manages to lead the newsletter recipient to the website. 

Therefore, it is crucial for to construct compelling landing pages dan newsletters that build an emotional connection with their customers through constant research and brainstorm for a new idea. 

It may be a challenge to come up with creative and fresh ideas. Here are some steps  to follow while also incorporating Omnilytics dashboard in the process.

  1. Identify theme for landing pages/newsletter content creation
  2. To review competitor landing pages/newsletter content*
  3. To gain ideas on similar themes by global *
  4. Develop own brand landing page content
  5. To review competitor & aspirational content launch timing & frequency
  6. Plan for own brand content launch timing & frequency

With external information gathered from dashboard and internal team expertise, it would asssit to:-

  • Save time in collating ideas on visuals and designs
  • Increase brand relevance – Keeping up with market trends & hot topic
  • Improve brand-customer reach & engagement
  • Increase call-to-action (CTA) rate
  • Increase sales conversion rate
  • Form long term relationship with your target customer

To generate higher conversion rate, must have the ability to establish strong content on both landing pages and newsletter that would develop a personalise connection with their customers. Customer loyalty can only be build through consistent engagement with customers through content. So should never ignore the importance of their landing pages dan newsletters  when focusing on promoting products. No matter how attractive a product is, it will not sell if it is not properly promoted on newsletter or strategically placed on the website.

Semoga artikel ini bermanfaat bagi Anda! Jika Anda memiliki pertanyaan atau ingin mengeksplorasi lebih tentang dashboard Omnilytics, silahkan menghubungi Client Success Manager Anda.

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