Asides from merchandisers and operation team, marketers also play a crucial role in ensuring sales targets are achieved. A marketer would need to plan months in advance the campaigns and marketing activities to run for the year. Hence, one of the key task for any marketer working in the retail industry is to plan and build a Seasonal Key Activities and Promotion (KAP) Modul Calendar

This Modul Calendar should comprise of all key events in the year such as festive season, sales events, bank holidays and new collection launches. For instance, Christmas month would have higher sales target due to higher traffic and marketers would need to strategise promotions and marketing activities to promote the brand to bring in sales.

Here are the key steps to building an effective KAP Modul Calendar:-

  1. Identify key market events for the season ie. seasonal sales, festivities & bank holidays.
  2. Identify the peak trading period for sales & festivities ie. EID, Christmas & New Year
  3. Identify competitor new launches & sales strategy
  4. Determine the right timing to launch sales
  5. Understand competitor discount strategy
  6. Determine promotion mechanics
  7. Develop own brand seasonal Key Activities & Promotion (KAP) Modul Calendar

External data gathered in step 3 and 5 can be obtained from the Omnilytics dashboard. All planned activities should be aligned between marketing and merchandising teams at all times. For a brand with international brand presence, the Modul Calendar should be localised for each market as key events would be different. For example in Asia, EID would be one of the peak trading seasons for Malaysia and Indonesia.

Having a Seasonal KAP Calendar has many benefits and can help atau retailers in:

  • cost-saving when allocating seasonal budget effectively according to sales event priority
  • time-saving when performing competitor shopping & collating sales data from multiple distribution channel.
  • achieving more clarity in upcoming market events
  • promoting forward planning ability and proactiveness to market events & consumer buying behaviour
  • promoting higher efficiency in inter-department brand strategy discussion

Seasonal  Key Activities and Promotion must be well planned out to ensure every marketing activities are executed smoothly while also prioritising budget accordingly. This Modul Calendar would also be the main reference point for every department so that everyone are on the same page and working towards the same timeline. Having a KAP Modul Calendar upfront can help align resources to drive maximum sales and minimise loss opportunities with last minute planning.

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