We do not support Google Analytics version 4 at the moment as it is not supported officially by Shopify. Please make sure you have Google Analytics version 3 (Universal) before connecting.

If you update it to version 4 after integrating it to the Internal Intelligence, please note that the integration will be disconnect and you will be required to reconnect.

If you are already using version 4 you will not be able to switch it to version 3. The only option for you will be to switch to the universal tag that can be created when creating Google analytics v4. If you want to create the universal tag, create a new property and enable the “Create a Universal Analytics property” option. Also tick “Create a Universal Analytics property”. After you have created the Universal tag you should use the new tag in your website.

It is recommended to only use one tag at a time on your website.

Below shows you how you can check which Google Analytics version you are using.

If your tracking tag does not start with ‘UA-’ you are using Google analytics V4. Another way of finding out if you are using Google analytics V4 is that in this version there is no concept of “Views”.

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