On the same page on Omnilytics dashboard where you see the progress of data import and data enhancement, you’ll also see the section at the bottom that lets you connect your Google Analytics with Omnilytics.

Important: Connecting Google Analytics is not a mandatory part of your onboarding process, but we strongly recommend you to connect your Google Analytics while your Shopify data is being imported and processed. The reason is that the Internal Intelligence also provides you much deeper insights with behavior metrics, Products to Boost, and others, which we can only compute once your Google Analytics is connected. 

If you don’t connect your Google Analytics account, you will not be able to see Behavior metrics once your onboarding is completed. You will have an option to connect it later though on the settings page of the module.

Note: We do not support Google Analytics version 4 at the moment as it is not supported officially by Shopify. Please make sure you have Google Analytics version 3 (Universal) before connecting.

If you update it to version 4 after integrating it to the Internal Intelligence, please note that the integration will be disconnect and you will be required to reconnect

.If you are already using Google Analytics version 4, you will not be able to switch it to v3. The only option for you will be to switch to the universal tag that can be created when creating Google Analytics version 4. If you want to create the universal tag, create a new property and enable the “Create a Universal Analytics property” option. Also tick “Create a Universal Analytics property”. After you have created the Universal tag you should use the new tag in your website. Read di sini to learn how to check which Google Analytics version you are currently using.

It is recommended to only use one tag at a time on your website.

Once you click the ‘Connect Google Analytics’ button, it will open up a Google authorization popup for you to select your Gmail ID which is associated with your Google Analytics. Then you’ll be asked to give Omnilytics Internal Intelligence access to see and download your Google Analytics data. For this please click the Allow button at the bottom right (as shown in the image below):

Once you click ‘Allow’, you will see three dropdowns on the Google Analytics card on the setup page to select the account, Property and View that you want to connect with Omnilytics. While doing this, please make sure you are selecting the values which are associated with your Shopify store. Once you select these three, just click Connect button, and data importing from your Google Analytics will start.

Once all your data has been imported and processed successfully

Once all your Shopify and Google Analytics data has been imported and enriched, you will be notified via an email telling that your onboarding has been completed and that you can start using the Internal Intelligence module now.

On the Dashboard, you will see a page like this, where you just have to click the ‘proceed to Internal intelligence’ button which will take you to the Overview page of the module, and you will then be good to use the module.

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