Most Replenished refers to products with the highest replenishment rate when an registers an event of replenishment when more than 50% of all available sizes are restocked (Eg: Of the 4 sizes available (S, M, L, XL), sizes S & M are restocked).

Most Size Restocks refers to products with highest replenishment and it is counted by sizing level. A size on an will be labelled as restocked when less than 50% of the available sizes are brought back in stock. 

i) Basic or Seasonal Products

When “Sort By: Most Replenished”, basic/essential products will appear as these types of products are usually produced in large volumes and will be replenished faster. This is aligned where basic/core products are typically produced as an evergreen product and it serves as a daily wear rather than occasional wear. 

When “Sort By: Most Size Restocks”, seasonal products are listed most as they have a lower tendency to be replenished for all sizes at the same time. Besides, seasonal products are highly affected by a shorter timeline, hence the probability of more than 50% of the available sizes to be replenished all at once is low. 

ii) Stock movement 

To further visualise the explanation above, let’s take a look at the difference of the stock movement between Most Replenished dan Most Size Restocks. In the chart shown below, the yellow dot represents when an is replenished. From here, we can see that the Ukuran S and M are consistently brought back in stock in the Periode Tanggal end of June – August which indicates these sizes are brought back in stock simultaneously at the same time and more than 50% of the sizes are restocked. 

On the other hand, below is the stock movement for an dengan Most Size Restocks. The green dot represents when a size is brought back in stock. The replenished dot is lesser under the , whereby the green dot is seen repeatedly on the Ukuran XS, M, and XL. This indicates that this particular is selling well for their Ukuran XS, M & XL but they are not restocked at the same time. 

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