How are colours categorised?

Similar to product categorisation, colours on the Omnilytics platform are classified using a combination of the retailer’s tagging practices and our text and image recognition technology. The system of colours used by Omnilytics is following the ISBCC-NBS system.

Found a product with miscategorised colours? Send us the dashboard link of the product and a screenshot via live chat on the dashboard so we can train and improve on our classification models.

How does Omnilytics manage products with different prices for different colours?

This is dependent on how the products are treated on the retail website itself. If the retailer lists different colours of the same product as a different SKU, each of these colours will contribute as one product count on the dashboard. The price associated with each colour will then be tied to the individual SKU.

However, some retailers will list different colours of the same product as a single SKU. Therefore, the different colours will not be considered as an individual product count. Instead, all the available colours associated with the product are considered as one product count. In this scenario, the price difference between different colours will not be as accurately captured by the dashboard as the former case. This is a shortcoming our team is actively addressing. If you would like to learn more, please feel free to reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager via live chat on the dashboard.

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