Are there any onboarding or upfront fees?

All new users for Starter, Professional and Enterprise will receive a complimentary onboarding service! Our friendly support team will reach out to you and ensure you’re fully equipped with everything you need to know. As for upfront fees, advanced payments are required for all packages as our system will auto-renew your account every beginning of the month/year.

Do I need to pay for a year upfront for Professional and Enterprise Packages?

Yes, Professional and Enterprise contracts are billed on an annual-basis. This is because we’ve found that customers who have committed to a full year achieved more sustainable growth, instead of short-term success. In the fashion and beauty industry, staying up to speed in the market is a-round-the clock business, and we want you to achieve the same long-term growth too.

What type of support is available to Omnilytics users?

All Omnilytics users have access to Live Chat directly with our team. The mission of the Omnilytics team is to provide the fashion & beauty industry with a vibrant channel to ask questions, find answers, and engage with us with best practices in the industry.

Users of Omnilytics Professional and Enterprise packages have access to email and additional in-app support options. This means the Omnilytics team are available to answer your questions anytime.

If I get the Starter Package, can I buy specific features from the Professional and Enterprise Package?

Unfortunately, if you wish to get specific features from the Professional or Enterprise Package, you would need to upgrade to the next package. However, you are able to buy additional solutions. For example, if you are currently a Starter user in Competitor Benchmarking, you are able to add on the Pricing Analysis or Trend Performance solution.

How do I switch from different packages?

If you wish to switch to a higher or lower package, all you have to do is contact our support team and they’ll implement it accordingly.

Can I get a refund if I cancel before the contract ends?

At the moment, we do not offer refunds for any packages.

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